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18 Things Boss Ladies Have Said About Success

2018 has just begun and you (like a good 60% of the world) may be on your toes planning every step you want to take this year to reach your goals. The beginning of the year gives life to so much hope and enthusiasm in us but somehow, along the way, we lose proaction and… Continue reading 18 Things Boss Ladies Have Said About Success



Most Anticipated Movies: Black Panther & The Hate U Give BLACK PANTHER     The hype over Black Panther particularly among the black community goes without saying. Black folk have been fighting for representation in Hollywood and television in general for virtually years and we are finally getting all the recognition and opportunities we truly… Continue reading MOST ANTICIPATED OF 2018



I decided to make this a series on my blog and in this post I list all the "location specific" foods I want to try. What these are are foods that are popular or are must-haves in certain countries, cities, little towns and so on. The previous post was fair-foods specific and  just like in the… Continue reading FOODIE BUCKETLIST: COUNTRY/STATE STAPLES


24 Study Tips & Hacks to get you through these exams

The fourth term is nearing an end and high school learners & varsity students are entering the exam period. We could all use a little help whether it's sustaining motivation, enhancing memorization or just staying sane through this period. Without further ado, here are 24 tips and tricks to get you through this study season...… Continue reading 24 Study Tips & Hacks to get you through these exams