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South African Instagram accounts you should be following.

If you are into fashion and like to dabble in the luxurious lifestyle then just go ahead and follow @kefilwe_mabote . I swear this lady attends the best parties and roams around town in the sickest wheels.

courtesy of Instagram. @kefilwe_mabote

Staying in the same fashion accord, @superbalist and @spree are some of my favourite stores to peruse. They are always posting their latest merch, sales and competitions so you are always in the loop. Quality is guaranteed so give a follow.

courtesy of Instagram. @spreecoza
courtesy of Instagram. @superbalist

If you’re looking for fashion more indigenous to our rainbow nation, follow @ntozinhle_accessories. This is a business account for traditional South African accessories. Ntozinhle has accessorised (among many gorgeous women) Oscar-nominated actress Taraji P Henson. If you’re looking to make a purchase you can email your orders or visit their store in Soweto and various other pop-up stores. All the details will be in the bio.

courtesy of Instagram. @ntozinhle_accessories

And now for some entertainment

@yomzansi will keep you updated on the lives of SA’s acclaimed celebrities. If you want to keep up, check out their instagram account.

courtesy of Instagram. @yomzansi

@varsityjustkidding posts the funniest memes and the best part is its content is relative to what’s happening in South Africa at any given point. If you’re bored, lonely or just love some humour, give it it a follow.

Courtesy of Instagram. @varsityjustkidding



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