Study tips and hacks

It’s exam time (well on this side of the world) and we all need a little motivation to study. Today I’m sharing some study tips and hacks.
1. Dream/Vision board
This is something you do way before you study. A dream board is essentially a compilation of all the things you want to achieve, these could be both tangible and intangible. What you do is you paste pictures and make illustrations on a board depicting things you want to achieve. For example, if you want to be attain a degree then you can put a picture of a graduate in a cap and gown. This is just a little tool to help you visualize the things you want in life and will help you to be motivated to study hard to get them.

courtesy of

2. Get the right atmosphere
Personally, I feel that where you study can greatly influence how much you learn. Associate certain environment so that when you are in them you are compelled to study and to be focused. I, for example, associate the study hall and the library with learning theoretic work simply because there are no distractions and I can focus. When it comes to writing papers I love being in coffee houses.

Courtesy of HomeGoods | Desk Ideas

*Comment down below where you like to do which type of academic activity*
3. Snack regularly
It is important to avoid junk food when you want to study simply because it makes you feel tired and groggy (which is definitely what you don’t want to be when you study). IMy personal favourites are apples, peanuts mixed with raisins and clementines. I have also heard of the bubblegum trick where you have to chew the same flavour gum while you take a test as when you study. Most schools don’t permit chewing gum during classes or tests so tread lightly.
4. Take breaks!
Take a few breaks during your study period. I like to study for 30 minutes and take a 15 minute break. You could come up with the time combination that works best for you but strictly keep t it and make sure your break is no more than half of our study period.
5. Eliminate distractions
This is for students who are easily distracted by friends, social media or the TV. Move away from anything that could potentially slow down your productivity. There are websites and apps that you can use to temporarily lock your social media pages while you study. Try the suggestions below:

Cold Turkey

6. Have discipline
This is the be all and end all for studying. You have to be disciplined in how much time you allocate to studying,, to taking breaks and the methods you use for studying. This is a good trait to teach yourself to have as it will be beneficial in other aspects of your life even after you finish studying.
** One extra queer thing that I do is I look for motivation to make study notes by looking at pretty school notes on Tumblr and Pinterest.

13 Gorgeous study notes | Seventeen Magazine

Comment your weirdest study hack below.

Now get off the internet and go study.


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