#FeesMustFall conversation

This is my first article in Grace’s corner. This is basically a platform where I express my personal opinion on anything that could the happening in the world at any given time. I hope to get some engagement from you guys so that I can get the opinions of many people. You all can maybe learn something from me and I can learn from you all.

This week I want to talk about the #FeesMustFall movement currently happening in South Africa. If you’re a reader who hasn’t heard of this before, it is essentially a movement by university students to attain free education. This is because there are many people yearly who cannot afford to further their education due to poverty or who are in terrible debt while completing their degrees.

Of cause the idea behind this movement is very noble. Should fees fall, this will be very advantageous to poor households as well as the missing middle.

The students have recently been very frustrated because their extravagant additional demands have not been met. To get faculty and government’s attention they have been protesting (some peacefully) while some have been showing some acts of violence.

In my opinion this is just a means to pressure the government while it’s doing so much damage to institutions. I also feel like there are people who are using this movement as a way to participate in some opportunistic crimes (such as looting) and a tainting the genuine efforts by some students.

The most frustrating part of this is being unable to attend classes and/or write exams. While unconventional methods of teaching have been applied, there are students who are unable to access learning material due to not having access to internet connections. This is obviously very frustrated to the student body as well as the staff.

The FMF movement is derailing the same education they are fighting for which to me doesn’t quite add up.

What are your thoughts?
Let me know below


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