Thoughts on the US election

I’m just going to start by saying that the whole outcome still seems surreal even today. I was anxiously awaiting the results of the election, refreshing the news app every few seconds. When the title finally popped up “It’s president Trump” my heart sank. Yes, him winning was always a possibility but I would have never thought it would be a reality.

For as long as I can remember, many people were very vocal about his instability as a president. That in him winning so many other things bigger than him would win: racism, sexism, homophobia… Any discrimination to any human-being really. The way he ran his campaign left a whole lot to be desired. He and his supporters almost always made the public feel disgruntled, agitated and panicked. Yet here he is, triumphant.

These are my thoughts as someone looking from the outside, based on what I have seen on the news, read on social media and off of people’s accounts. The election of Donald Trump might be one of the worst things to happen to the United States. I don’t think that after a president’s election the nation should be in so much distress. He is being rejected by the very same people he is suppose to lead. Thousands are taking to the streets emphasizing that Donald Trump is “#NotMyPresident”. These are masses of people… You understand that? It’s not a disgruntled small group of people, these people make up a significant portion of the United States population.

source: twitter: @maxthisfoo
It’s not just one group of people, these are people of all different ages, races, sexual orientations and they are crying in fear. A president’s election is supposed to be a beacon of hope. It should mean that he/she will do better for the nation than the president he/she succeeds. Yet everyone feels that the United States has just taken a huge step back. and that is a problem.


Reports of people being openly and publicly discriminated against have flared up on social media. These predators clearly feel like nothing can happen to them because that seems like what their new leader stands for. Why would they be punished for being racially insensitive when the leader of the free world doesn’t speak against it?

Source: Twitter

Source: Facebook

I don’t know what the next four years will bring but we should remain hopeful. 


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