Tips to save money as a college/varsity student.

We all know the struggles that come with stretching every cent when you’re in uni especially when you’re not living at home. Here are some ways you can pinch pennies.

1. Student Account 

I would recommend opening an account with a bank that has a student account option. These typically have low or no bank charges. This means you can use the ATM and swipe as much as you want without having to carry the burden of the cost.

2. Make money online

When you’re a full time student it may be hard for you to be able to keep up with having a job and doing well academically. There are various legitimate ways you can make money online. One way I love is to do online surveys. How they work is you are sent a survey and all you have to do is give your opinion and you are paid for your efforts. After every survey you are given points and after you reach a certain amount of points (depends on the site) you can cash them in.

Try Enlighten Panel

Another way is to advertise via your social medias. For you to be able to make large amounts of money you will need a relatively large following. If you want to give Instagram advertising a chance try “IndaHash” you can download the app from your AppStore.

3. Buy + Sell used textbooks 

Textbooks in varsity can cost quite a lot of money. To cut your costs in almost have, buy books secondhand from other students. Always check that the edition being sold is the one prescribed in your module as they tend to change or are improved. I also found that students sell their used textbooks cheaper than if you were to buy a used textbook from a bookshop. It’s also a bonus because you can always bargain.

4. Eat at the cafeteria/dining hall

Some students’ residential areas/dorms have dining halls where they are served dinner. If you eat here you can save money as oppose to going out or ordering in. I personally live in a self catering dormitory and a way to save money is to cook all my meals instead of again ordering food.

5. Discount shop

A good option is to shop on Groupon. Because all the products and services are sold in bulk, there is a hefty discount on the prices. If you are looking for dorm room furniture and accessories, I highly recommend using groupon. Some people also prefer buying used furniture from sites such as GumTree.

6. Cut down on transport costs

If your university is located in a relatively safe area then avoid having to pay for expensive means of transport such as metered taxis by just walking or cycling to where you need to go. If you have a car you can also save up on buying a lot of petrol. Another idea for car owners who live off of campus is a carpool. Find 4 other people in your neighbourhood that you can carpool with and charge them a certain amount per week.

Hope these come in pretty handy.



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