10 things to be left in 2016


2016 has been a very eventful year to say the least. This year has brought more bad than good to a significant number of people, now let’s look at some of the things you seriously don’t need in your life in 2017

  1. All these challenges

I am not going to lie, some of the challenges were pretty good but honestly, we have exhausted doing out of the box things in the name of a challenge.

  • The mannequin challenge
  • The grey sweatpants challenge
  • The “vrrr pha” challenge
  • Song lyric challenge
  • “100 layers of” challenge

We’ve about had it to be honest.

  1. Overhyping light skinned people

Only in the black society do we think light skinned people look better than darker skinned people. There are things happening in black communities that are worth our attention, that are worth having a conversation instead of picking each other apart because of our complexion. Light skin people are poppin’, dark skin people are poppin’, we all poppin’ so get the hell over it.

Source: Atlanta Black Star
  1. Over-ripped jeans

I am the first person guilty of this. I had an old man in a grocery store stop me once and say “Do you need money for some sowing lessons?” and as much as I wanted to excuse his question because he’s old and hasn’t the slightest idea of what’s in fashion, I knew that I had gone too far. Maybe we should revisit old-school jeans, those never go out of style right?

Source: pinterest
  1. Men with ungroomed beards

In 2016 growing a beard became every man’s goal. The only problem with that is that they grow beards and leave it at that. Look at Jussie Smollett, that’s a man you want to emulate…

source: FOX

Or Zayn.. y’know


Having a messy beard does nothing for you and it doesn’t look good at all, do yourself a favour and make the call to the barber, it’s time.


  1. “1 like=1 prayer” posts on Facebook

Yep, I bet you pressing a thumbs up button did wonders for the little girl dying from cancer. It’s actually a little insulting to the people that are ill that:

  • They are posted on social media in pursuit of likes
  • People only like and exert no effort into doing anything that would actually help.
  1. Body shaming

I know this sounds very cliché but we are all truly beautiful the way we are. Just because society has a beauty criteria that some people don’t fit doesn’t mean they are inferior. Getting pleasure from putting other people down has got to be one of the lowest form of pleasure known to man. We were all made differently for a reason, the Man above knows what He’s doing


  1. #MenAreTrash

A man doing wrong is an isolated reflection on him and not an entire gender. I know sometimes the men we come across seem cut from the same cloth but putting statements like #MenAreTrash out there is a disservice to the good men out there. And they are there… Exhibit A:

source: Forbes
  1. “Blessers”

I don’t know if this is a term used outside South Africa but for those who don’t know, a blesser is essentially another name for a “Sugar Daddy” that gained popularity in 2016. Young girls receive money and other lux gifts from rich older men in exchange for the girls’ affection  (to put it lightly). Now I am aware that this is not a new concept under the sun but it did become so trendy in RSA that I thought it deserved a spot on our list.


  1. The Instagram thirst trap

I am tired of seeing your ass because you want followers girl…

source: Twitter


  1. False prophets

This was the most disturbing “trend” of 2016 in South Africa. From pastors making people eat grass to spraying an insecticide in their faces in the name of “healing”, false prophets have become very prominent and legislature (and their followers) need to handle them accordingly.


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