Ginger crisps

Ingredients 180g (cups) of butter 60ml (cup) golden syrup 560ml (2cups) flour 1 egg 2 tablespoons of baking powder tablespoon of salt 2 tablespoons of ground ginger Extra sugar   Method: Mix the melted butter and golden syrup in a bowl large enough to mix all the ingredients. Add the sugar into the bowl while… Continue reading Ginger crisps


6 Ingredient Hokey Pokey Cookies

  These cookies are so easy and quick to bake and you only need 6 ingredient (which if you enjoy baking you probably have lying around your house somewhere). I literally made these from leftover ingredients from the last time I baked. Ingredients   cups of butter cups of sugar 1cups of flour 1 tablespoon… Continue reading 6 Ingredient Hokey Pokey Cookies


Today is Trump’s inauguration-Jesus Take The Wheel

  Today is probably one of the most dreadful days to most Americans along with many others across the planet. As a person looking in from the outside, the mood is sombre, people are distraught and distress is looming over the next four years of Trump’s presidency. Today brings me back to when Mr Trump… Continue reading Today is Trump’s inauguration-Jesus Take The Wheel


Why living in a dorm is good for you

  It teaches you responsibility and independence Living in a dorm is a trial run for living on your own post your university phase. You suddenly run your own household and you are solely responsible for all the chores and satisfying your needs. Your responsibilities include: Cleaning your room Decorating Buying your grocery Cooking Alerting… Continue reading Why living in a dorm is good for you