16 of 2016


Last year has proven to be quite challenging but some of us have come out stronger, wiser and better from it. Let us look back as some of the events that made news headlines in 2016.

1 The death of Sfiso Ncwane

Sfiso Ncwane was an award winning gospel singer from South Africa known and loved by many internationally. His passing caused quite a stir in people’s emotions as it was so unexpected. He passed away from renal failure on 5 December 2016 and even though he is no longer here in the physical world, he will always remain in our hearts.


2. The election of Donald Trump

Trump winning the election was specious. The narrative was, “Clinton will win it but only barely”, so in retrospect a larger number of people thought Americans would not let a vile racist man be the leader of the free world. The problem with that? This large number of people was not the silent majority. Trump’s election gave rise to many traumatic discriminatory acts against people of colour and the LGBT community. It also gave rise to a very militant attitude among Americans who took to the streets to protest recognizing Donald Trump as their president. To say the next four years will be lengthy is an understatement.

3. Brangelina no more

Brad and Angelina have been the paradigm of a happy couple for years. They went on to home previously disadvantaged children and gave us so many heart-melting family moments. Naturally, we thought this bond was infinite, that was until September 19 2016 when the news that Angelina filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt made waves. Many went on to express their heartbreak over Brangelina’s break. It still remains a little unbelievable today still, right…?

source: dailymail

4. Kim Kardashian-West’s robbery

Whilst attending Paris fashion week, Kim was robbed at gunpoint in her “no address” luxury apartment. This of cause came as a shock to many because anyone with Kim’s degree of notoriety almost always takes extensive measures to secure his/her safety. She is also a reality TV star and although she does not share every aspect of her life, people still questioned where her crew was at the time of the robbery. Social media rushed to give Kim and her family kind words of support and also expressed their anger and frustration with what had transpired. Naturally, Kim has “haters” who took the opportunity to beat her when she’s down. She has stayed off of social media since this incident but from what we’ve heard, she is doing well.

Read more about the Paris Heist on  The Inside Story of the Kim Kardashian Paris Hotel Heist

5. The coffin assault

In November a video was posted on social media depicting two white farmers forcing a black man into a coffin after assaulting him. This of cause enraged many South Africans and confirmed what we already knew, racism is alive and well in our country. The assailiants have not appealed to get bail in fear that their lives might be in danger on the outside. They are set to appear in court again in January 2017.

See the video here coffin assault

6. #FEESMUSTFALL protests

This campaign started in 2015 and is essentially pursuing the eradication of tertiary education fees seeing that many students are unable to afford them. I wrote a piece earlier, you can read that here

source: eBizRadio

7. #ZumaMustFall

This year has been quite challenging for the president. He has been the topic of tabloids, conversations and headlines. He has been asked on several occasions to step down as president because he has displayed poor leadership. The public prosecutor also uncovered some findings that pointed to possible corruption on President Zuma’s part.

8. The death of Prince

Prince passed away from opioid overdose


9. The death of Gugu Zulu

Gugu Zulu was known for his adventurous spirit and he passed away this year after he climbled Mount Kilimanjaro.

10. Hlaudi Motsoeneng and the SABC

The debacle with this was that Hlaudi was accused of having enriched himself using SABC funds.

11. Natural Disasters in South Africa

Natural disasters were pretty much unprecedented in South Africa, that was until 2016. In Gauteng in particularly there was a thunderstorm which lead to floods that left many homeless, injured and/or with destroyed assets. We then experienced a tornado on July 26th 2016 in Tembisa


12. Festive season deaths in South Africa

We saw our national roads spit out collision after collision and death after death. The death toll totalled an alarming 1800.

13. The death of George Michael

source: The Independent

George Michael passed away on 25 December 2016 for reasons that are still unknown (his autopsy was inconclusive). We will always remember him for his classics.

14. Trial of HIV/AIDS vaccine

In  cities across South Africa, a launch of the HIV/AIDS vaccine was administered on 5400 young volunteers. This vaccine aims to reduce the contraction of this disease and whether it is successful or not will only be determined in 4 years.

More on this New Vaccine For South Africans

15. Pokemon Go

This interactive game was such a phenomenon. For the most part it reached what its goal was which was to get users active while finding Pokemon… And they were everywhere, your bedroom, the park, church, a concert? Everywhere!

Source: VOX


great briitain leaves european union metaphor
Source: Re-Define

This refers to Britain”s exit from the United Nations. Read here on exactly what Brexit is and what it possibly means for Britain as well as other countries.




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Hope you enjoyed the first post of 2016


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