Why living in a dorm is good for you


It teaches you responsibility and independence

Living in a dorm is a trial run for living on your own post your university phase. You suddenly run your own household and you are solely responsible for all the chores and satisfying your needs. Your responsibilities include:

  • Cleaning your room
  • Decorating
  • Buying your grocery
  • Cooking
  • Alerting maintenance when something breaks
  • Or fixing them yourself
  • Doing your laundry
  • Waking up early enough to make it to those 8:00 classes

You are on your own time (well, for the most part) and you need to manage it wisely because nobody reminds or pushes you to do anything.

It teaches you discipline

It doesn’t exactly teach you discipline but you need to embody this trait when you are living in a student residence. Dorms are usually a walking distance from the university campus making it so much easier for you to skip classes and just go take a nap. You have to not give into the temptation to wake up late intentionally (again, 8:00am lectures).

You meet new friends

Typically when you make new friends they are usually in the same degree as you. In a dorm, you find people in your dorm belonging to different schools and faculties. It allows you to have a diversified range of friends.

It teaches you how to live with other people

This is specifically for students who are in double rooms (2 people living in the same dorm room) or triples (3 people living in the same dorm room). Some students aren’t blessed enough to have roommates they share the same values and opinions with. Take the neat freak who is roomed with a total slob or the atheist who rooms with the orthodox Muslim. You have to learn boundaries and how to respect the differences in others. It’s not easy to live with someone who has conflicting interests to yours in a very close vicinity. This teaches you a whole new level of respect, acceptance and tolerance.


If you have any lessons or tips comment them below


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