Today is Trump’s inauguration-Jesus Take The Wheel


source: National Review

Today is probably one of the most dreadful days to most Americans along with many others across the planet. As a person looking in from the outside, the mood is sombre, people are distraught and distress is looming over the next four years of Trump’s presidency.

Today brings me back to when Mr Trump won the election on November 9th 2016. I remember going through social media and seeing the outbreak of discriminatory event across the United States and thinking, “Something is inapt if the country erupts in such chaos after you are elected into office”. While some people may argue that the actions of the assailants should not be mistaken as Trump’s intentions, it breeds the question that “Why do people feel comfortable acting so terribly the second you are elected?”

Like some people, I decided that Trump was worth giving a chance. Sure I have seen him: act like an incompetent buffoon during the presidential election debates, imitate a disabled reporter, accuse Mexicans of being rapists and just being an unapologetic racist but if he is going to be the leader of the free world, he is worth giving a chance to (after all we don’t really have a choice.). I can now honestly say, there is nothing redeeming about Donald Trump.

Perhaps the second most upsetting thing since his election are the people who have been coming out lately saying they voted for Trump and have deep regret for it. To that I say

source: Pinterest

There has proof beyond reasonable doubt that this man is incapable of being a just leader in today’s liberated society. Were they turning a blind eye to when his constituents pushed a black girl out of his rally? How about when he made derogatory remarks about women? There were so many moments during his election that should have made people go “Well this man is unstable to serve in office”, what can these people possibly do right now?


One thing that’s certain is that we will be closely watching the inauguration and his entire term in office like hawks. I encourage Americans to continue organising and ploughing a way forth that will ensure that their human right are not ignored while Trump serves in office.


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