OJ Simpson Conspiracy Theory-Jason Simpson

source: New York Daily News

If you’re a millennial you were most likely introduced to the O.J Simpson trial through series, documentaries and news headlines. This so called “Trial of the century” happened in 1994 when O.J Simpson was tried for the murders of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman. I was introduced to this case in 2013 when paralympian Oscar Pistorious shot and killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in his home.

source: The New Yorker

There were a few people comparing the O.J Simspon trial to Oscar’s because both he and Simpson were both revered sports stars. Pistorious’ trial didn’t gain nearly as much notoriety as Simpson’s. I read a lot of articles and watched documentaries which either painted Simpson as being guilty (despite being acquitted of the two crimes) or not giving a verdict at all. It wasn’t until I watched Is OJ Innocent?-The Missing Evidence, a documentary on the ID channel, that I thought there was a slim chance that he was innocent.

The Jason Simpson theory

source: ImageCrow

The conspiracy theory posed by William Dear was that O.J’s son, Jason Simpson possibly committed these murders. After hearing this I thought it’s extremely possible, you hear stories of parents taking a fall for their children just to ensure they can have a better life. However, it was public knowledge that Jason and his father didn’t have the best relationship so why would he do him this solid?

Jason worked at a restaurant and had prepared a meal which he invited Nicole to, sadly she did not show up.  What I gathered from ‘Is OJ Innocent’ is that Jason left work at 10:30 pm, dropped his girlfriend off at his apartment and drove to Nicole’s condo where he allegedly committed these crimes.

People believe Jason went to confront Nicole about missing the dinner and his anger lead to him killing Nicole in a blind rage.

So how does Ron Goldman come into the scene?

source: Wikipedia

From what I read in ‘If I Did  It’, Ron was a waiter in  restaurant Nicole went to with his family earlier on in the day and they were also friends. Nicole’s mother forgot her glasses and Ron was tasked with delivering them to Nicole’s house after his shift. It is believed that he arrived on the scene just as the assailant was stabbing Nicole and he tried to defend her. There were signs of struggle evident on his body showing that he tried to fight off the murderer





The four biggest reasons (in my opinion) to believe in this theory are:

  1. The photographic evidence shows that there are two different sets of shoes that were at the crime scene. One supposedly belonging to OJ and the other is unknown.
  2. The black beanie found at the crime scene was similar to the one Jason had been seen wearing in several pictures. If this is his it possibly put him at the crime scene.
  3. Jason’s diaries were recovered from storage where he wrote his thoughts about how that year was “the year of the knife” for him.
  4. In OJ’s book ‘If I Did It’, he states that if he did hypothetically commit these murders he got help from “Charlie”. Charlie is a hypothetical eye witness to the murders of Ron and Nicole. It’s possible that OJ takes on the role of Charlie and Jason that of OJ. This however is just a theory.
  5. Jason Simpson has previously been charged with battery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Two reasons not to believe in this theory:

  1. A person missing dinner is not a good enough reason to lead to murder
  2. The evidence presented by the prosecution does not lead back to Jason Simpson and he was not regarded as a suspect.

Please make your own conclusions and comment them below.

The above is not written as a fact but as just a theory and analysis of other sources.

Consulted sources:

  • Is O.J innocent-The missing evidence
  • If I Did It-Confessions of a Killer
  • People
  • Crimefeed





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