28 Problem Every Black Girl Can Relate To

Beauty Problems

1. People keep asking you whether that’s your real hair or a weave.

2. You left the relaxer on for way too long because you want your hair to be as sleek as possible

source: Black Hair Information
3. You made the dire mistake of scratching your head before applying the relaxer, which leads to…

4. That RELAXER BURN and it literally feels like this:

source: New York Daily News
5. Explaining to white women that perm doesn’t work the same way on black women as it does on white women: it straightens our hair and curls theirs

6. Finding the perfect foundation shade is always a struggle.

7. Whenever your hairstylist moves to another salon you follow him/her because nobody knows your head quite like them.

8. You made the critical mistake of not applying lotion… In the winter time

9.  Black girl: I only wash my hair once a week.. sometimes once in two weeks

      People of other races:

source: Twitter
10. The built up gunk in your hair after you take out your braids.

11. Your natural hair has broken your combs more times than you can count.

12. People keep asking you how you get your hair to be curly then don’t believe that all you need is H2O.

13. The pain in getting your hair braided and having one little hair strand caught up in a different braid.

14. Detangling your natural hair takes ages

15. Your salon appointment can last anything from an hour to nine.

People’s perceptions

16. Being afraid to stand for yourself (or anything else really) because you’ll be labeled an angry black woman.

17. People assume that you’re aggressive

18. Being told that you’re “pretty for a black girl”… Watchu mean? Black girls aren’t supposed to be pretty?

source: memesuper
19. People thinking being “black” means being ghetto and/or being affected by adversity

20. People think because inequalities of the past are trying to be corrected, you have leverage to get some opportunities because you’re black:
• University acceptance
• Job
• A tender

21. People assume that your natural hair is some kind of political statement.

Race Issues

22. People of other races are afraid to call you black so they say “African”

23. You’ve never had someone of another race pronounce your name correctly ever. A moment for all the:
• Xolanis
• Tshepisos
• Katlegos
• Hlengiwes
24. People label you as acting white because you speak properly

 The media

25. The media portrays a big behind and big lips as attractive on people of other races and not you

26. People ask you to teach them the latest dance trends:
• I don’t know how to twerk
• I don’t know how to dab
• I don’t know how to hit the quan
• I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DANCE… stop asking.

27. People don’t understand the difference between appreciation and appropriation and honestly, it’s getting exhausting explaining this.

28. Black people constantly thinking one skin shade is superior to the other, dark skin winning, light skin winning, EVERYBODY WINNING.

source: giphy

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