1. Elaine Welteroth:  @elainewelteroth  

    Elaine is the editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue magazine and I am completely fascinated by her instagram account. She is the sole reason I have completely diverged from Snapchat to Instastories. She is very active on her Instagram and is constantly sharing  great and funny moments in her life which include capturing her great outfits, having conversations with her co-workers, speaking at conferences or just casually hanging out with A-listers.

  2. Solange Knowles : @saintrecords 

    Solange probably needs no introduction but she is a recording artist and sister to one of the best female artists of all time, Beyonce. She recently came out with her third album ‘Seat At The Table’ which unlike a lot of the records today is very gentle, honest and pure. What drew me to her Instagram were the visuals for her music video. I fell in love with the modern art and I could not get enough of her aesthetic so I gave big sis a follow.

  3. Willow Smith : @willowsmith

    Willow is the daughter of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett-Smith and is a singer, dancer and ambassador for Chanel. I love the artistic vibe of her account, She constantly posts fan art and videos of herself singing. Willow is no stranger to Instagram live and my favourites are when she is singing or giving heartfelt advice to her fans.

  4. Nikisha Brunson : @nikishabrunson

    Nikisha is a mom and co-writer of lifestyle blog Urban Bush Babes. She has an extremely natural and authentic aura about her. She’s always rocking her curls and promoting a clean and holistic lifestyle. I love Nikisha’s account because it is a cornucopia of wellness, from healthy recipes to posting her workout sessions and sometimes DIY products promoting healthier skin. It also doesn’t hurt that her adorable son, Jaden, makes an appearance in her instastories from time to time.

  5. @tinyhipster_

    I am obsessed with the aesthetic of this Instagram account. I discovered it by following the Black Bloggers’ Club and I have since stalked her entire feed. She is the co-author of the blog The FearlessSelf and after reading it it definitely lives up to its name. Her account is colourful, has a very modern bohemian vibe and is generally very aesthetically pleasing.

  6. Jazzyme : @jazzmynejay 

    Jazzmyne is the vibrant content creator for Buzzfeed. What attracted me to her was her bold lip colours and her gleaming confidence. She is constantly using her account to share memories with her friends and co-workers and advocating for the LGBTQ community and body positivity. She has one of the dopest wardrobes and her feed is lively and colourful.

  7. Fezeka Mkhabela: @iamfezeka 

    Fezeka is a film student and her Instagram feed echos that of beauty influencers and brand ambassadors. Much like any millennial, I was drawn to this account to admire and find the inspiration in beauty, fashion and the overall clean aesthetic.

  8. @raylee_m 

    I cannot recall how I came across this account but it has very easily become one of my favourites. You are sure to find a plethora of OOTDs that have a 90s and sometimes hippie feel, it is undeniably cool.


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