5 Podcasts I Am Loving

Another Round

Heben and Tracy
source: Buzzfeed

This podcast is hosted by Buzzfeed’s Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. This was one of the first podcasts I listened to when I started getting into podcasts and I have become more hooked with every episode. It discusses an array of issues ranging from pop culture to racial issues and does it in a way that is humourous but at the same time does not take away from the topics’ significance. To put it simply, this podcast is real.

The podcast is also host to many amazing guests which include Issa Rae, Kelly Rowland, Ava DuVernay, Tichnina Arnold and my personal favourite Bim Adewumni.

The name “Another Round” stems from the fact that they enjoy a good drink while are recording the podcasts. This informality makes them that much more hilarious and relatable. Some of my favourite segments on the show include:

  • Tracy’s joke time
  • Drunken Debates
  • Buying a round for someone or something they found interesting, motivating or extraordinary.
  • The once-off “Y’all’s parents was nasty”

Episodes I recommend:

  • Episode 77: 2017 Can’t Tell Us Sh*t
  • Episode 71: Burn
  • Episode 81: Yall’s Parents Was Nasty (with Kelly Rowland)
  • Episode 87: The Original Bad and Boujee (with Karyn Parsons)



Sarah Koenig
source: YouTube

This podcast follows a murder case for an entire season and delves into what went into the actual killing, witnesses, evidence, the personalities of the accused and deceased as well as the prosecution. If you are into crime and investigation then I recommend this podcast. The episodes average at 45 minutes in length and with the relatively short duration and Sarah Koenig’s narration the episodes are pretty quick to get through and understand. The podcast follows events as they occur in chronological order so as a listener that is the order you need to follow. Sarah does an incredibly amazing job with her reporting on the murder cases.

The Potter’s Touch

if you do not observe Christianity, skip over to the next one… 

Bishop T.D Jakes
source: NewsDay Zimbabwe

This is a podcast by Bishop T.D Jakes and it includes snippets of his sermons that are uploaded every other day. These are great if you want to listen to daily devotionals, to hear the word about a specific topic or want to have an online church service. I do not have a place of worship when I am not home and podcasts and sermon video streaming have come in handy.

Episodes I recommend:

  • Is It Well With Your Soul?
  • Coming Into Focus
  • You Are Blessed And highly Favoured
  • You’re Gonna Get A Whole Lot Out Of It
  • Growing Into God’s Favour

Buzzfeed’s Internet Explorer

Katie and Ryan
source: Buzzfeed

If you are a millennial then you will most likely relate to this podcast more than any other on this list. Ryan Broderick and Katie Notopoulos discuss what’s poppin (and borderline creepy) on the internet- memes, Tinder, Vine (RIP), catfish, conspiracy theories and the oh so infamous dickpics. The best part about this podcast is that the view points are not rigid and not biased, you are sure to get a good overview of the topic from different perspectives. Ryan and Katie really delve into questionable parts of the internet, making this podcast perfect for people who have a keen internet curiosity.

Episodes I recommend:

  • Blackness And The Meme Cycle
  • Another Round’s Tracy Clayton Talks About Black Planet
  • The Internet Is Even Scarier Than You Think
  • A Deep Dive Into Furries and Kylie Jenner Conspiracy Theories

Shane And Friends

Shane and friends
source: microsec

Many people are familiar with Shane Dawson and his content on Youtube. I discovered his podcasts through the 1 minute podcast ads he has on his videos before they start. Shane co-hosts this podcast with Jessie Buttafuoco, and, recently Drew  Monson. As you would imagine, Shane’s podcast hosts many YouTube personalities such as Joey Graceffa, Alisha Marie, Tyler Oakley, Gigi Gorgeous and Trisha Paytas. He also brings some of his content from his videos into his podcasts episodes and that has personally made my transition from YouTube Shane to podcast Shane quite easy.

Shane and his co-hosts often have an uninhibited approach with their interviews and it is that sassiness (and sometimes raunchiness) that makes Shane And Friends rival other podcasts. The episode duration averages at 45 minutes.

I would recommend listening to the podcasts that have your favourite YouTubers or celebrities if you’re a new listener.

Comment some of your favourite podcasts below!!




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