17 times Rupi Kaur spoke to heartbreak


he isn’t coming back

whispered my head

he has to

sobbed my heart


the way they leave tells you everything



i will never understand

why you held me

if you were afraid of warmth

you should have known i was a fire


there is nothing

more painful than

grieving someone

who is still living


it is a part of the

human experience to feel pain

do not be afraid

open yourself to it



you pinned

my legs to

the ground

with your feet

and demanded

i stand up


i didn’t leave because i stopped

loving you i left cause the

long i stayed the less

i loved myself


when i hit the rock bottom that exists

beyond the rock bottom

when the hurt is so deep i feel nothing

but the nothing hurts more than the hurt

when the fear of what will happen if i stay

finally outweighs the fear of being alone

i leave

-abusive relationship


they leave

and act like it never happened

they come back

and act like they never left




if you had not stuck a

knife inside me and walked away

how would i have learnt people

do not die from wounds

caused by other people

people die when they forget

they are more than the pain


the world

gives you

so much pain

and here you are

making gold out of it

there is nothing purer than that


it felt like you threw me

so far from myself

i’ve been trying to

find my way back

ever since



i whispered

as you

shut the door behind you


if you were born with

the weakness to fall

you were born with

the strength to rise


and here you are living

despite it all


people go but how they left always stays


what’s it to me

if you love me or

miss me or need me

when you are doing

nothing to be with me

if you can’t allow me to be

the love of your life i will be

the loss of your life instead





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