1. Unsolved mystery of the missing bobby pins and hairties
There is no amount of caution that we can possibly take that makes us immune to losing packs and packs of hair-ties and bobby pins. I mean really… where do they go?

2. Being unable to take your bag to the bathroom without looking suspicious
I always feel like all eyes are on me when I carry my bag to the bathroom. We all know why I’m taking it there, save me the embarrassment and look away.

3. 101 attempts at the effortless messy bun

Messy Bun

4. Getting paid less for doing the same job as our male counterparts

*takes out phone*

*dials number*

*clears throat*

Me: May I please speak to Gloria Allred?

kim on phone
source: dailymail

5. The sham that is female body spray
This one I feel personally victimized by. I could apply body spray right now and by the time I make my way out the door the scent has completely vanished. Boys on the other hand can go an entire 18 hours with 3 spritz of AXE.


6. The existential crisis you have when you seem to be the only girl who missed the neat handwriting gene
And we consoled ourselves when we found out people with messier handwriting are smarter because their brains think faster than they can right.


7. The dangerous trifecta your body performs when Aunt Flo’ is in town
 Sneezing
 Coughing
 Hiccupping

8. Unsolicited remarks on the amount of makeup you’re wearing

kim tragic.gif

9. Long hair + Lip gloss + Windy day


10. The inner conflict you have when your hairstylist wants to trim your split ends
You know in the long run it’s going to be good for your hair growth but the thought of parting with your slightly longer hair does not seem worth it right now.


11. The anxiety that trimming your ends will take you from Nicki Minaj getting on a jet to Prague to Beyonce Pretty Hurts scene.

12. Buying 2 bottles of conditioner for every one bottle of shampoo


13. The exorbitant pricing of bras.
I shouldn’t have to take out a loan just to support my breastasis.
14. The disparity between the longevity of finger nail polish vs toe nail polish
Nail polish on my fingers: *chips off when I sneeze*
Nail polish on my toes: *survives nuclear war*

15. Perfectly applying nail polish and smudging it 0.8 seconds later
16. Trying to ignore being catcalled
When you’re about to walk past a group of guys, there’s a strategy you make up on how best you’re gonna deal with one of the most uncomfortable experiences of your life. Pretend texts, pretend phonecalls or just walking away unbothered, like a boss.

source: com

17. Getting your daily squats in by using the public restroom


18. Random itchy boobs in public
And having to try to scratch without looking unnatural or calling attention to yourself. If you ever see me rubbing my arm across my bosom, you’ll know.


19. Walking all day in heels like it’s no big deal
Yes, we look damn good but walking in heels is no easy feat. I wore heels for the first time on my first day of work and by the time I was ready to leave, I was limping to the car. It gets easier after a while but still…


20. Period mood swings
Person: hello

source: tumblr

21. Justifying that we matter just as much as our counterparts and a little support sometimes would be appreciated.

source: pinterest

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