I am Mathuto Grace Motloung, a student born and raised in Pretoria but living my dream in the beautiful city of Cape Town. I am a commerce student majoring in management in hopes of working my way up the corporate ladder of a business empire.


For the longest time my future was not a planned event. I did almost everything on spontaneity including living across the country from my home. I am grateful for these experiences because they have introduced me to the best people I have ever known and have taught me lessons I never knew I needed to learn. But my days of spontaneity have come to a screeching halt, why? Because I turned 20.

This next decade is the foundation of my entire life and there’s nothing more critical than planning. I plan to get my degree, buy my first car, gain career experience, buy/rent my first home, do a little bit of travelling and help my mother start her own business. With any stroke of fate, cupid will have the love of my life waiting for me before I turn 30.


I started my blog because I love creating content. I spend hours a day just reading blogs and websites like Buzzfeed and watching videos on YouTube. I love being able to write my thoughts on anything and having people read it and be able to relate to it. In fact, that was my ultimate goal in starting itsTerraGrace. Why the name? Terra means land and well Grace is my second name. I use my blog as a platform to write about things I feel strongly about and to also bring humour to the reader. I want everybody who reads any article to be able to take away something from it.


I would love nothing more than to have my blog have a positive impact on any reader’s life.