protest(noun): a statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something. Sometimes as a millennial who had it great growing up I tend to be very desensitized to the act of protesting. To me, for longest time, protesting has always been a source of inconvenience, disruption and sometimes it seemed unnecessary.  “Why do they… Continue reading protest. 


Why Black Love Is So Important

If you're a watcher of the Oprah Winfrey Network then you know about a show/documentary called "Black Love". I am completely fascinated by this series because it is one of the few shows on mainstream media that shows black relationships and families in a positive light. No girl yelling and fighting her baby daddy because… Continue reading Why Black Love Is So Important


Memes that sum up being a university student

Choosing a major can easily be one of the biggest regrets you have  The first day of every tutorial goes a little something like this:  Everything is annoyingly expensive... ...And because of that your breakfast, lunch and dinner look a lot like this:  Sometimes you sacrifice sleep to binge watch Netflix  ASSIGNMENTS This is generally… Continue reading Memes that sum up being a university student